love and terror diaries

I don’t be trippin. I just be chillin. Niggas sayin I got anger problems n that I need anger management n shit. Nah cuz. Niggas need to just leave me alone n mind they business. All my niggas went to the beach today but they ain’t invite me. Cause I got anger problems I guess. My girl don’t even want me around. My mama don’t want me around. I just be roamin the streets all day n night till somebody ask me to hang. I don’t give a fuck bout karma no more. I don’t cry no more. I don’t pray no more. It don’t help. Ain’t no right or wrong. Just shit you do n shit you don’t do. I feel unappreciated, unloved, unwanted, unneeded. Everything don’t always work the way you want it tho. Fuck.


I want to play with nipples this Sunday morning.


Being lonely is what drives me insane,
But being alone is what keeps me sane,
If that makes sense.

I need a breather from all this breathin
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