love and terror diaries

i pray to god daily, i know he got me thru whatever. learnin new shit every day. im growing to fit that name. im suppressing my violent urges better. im hearing shit out as much as i can. ive been broken hearted so much in life and it’s turning me cold as ice. ice cold. its not a good thing. broken hearted people break hearts. i don’t wanna break no hearts but tbh fuck it cause ain’t nothin the way it seems.


TOKiMONSTA - The World Is Ours


i dont drink tap water unless its purified by my kool-aid powder.

things are so sad in this world.



CBS: Collarbones, boobs, stomach

On my dash


Please understand that I love you.

Please understand that I will sit with you in silence and create a space dense with our energy.

Please understand that I will do this whenever you need.

exotic-flavours dont do this to me :(


more romantic/soft porn here


here’s some music i’ve made that i really wanted to share with you guys. more is on the way, i hope you guys like it.

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